Capital increase without transferring funds to managementPROTRADING

Up to 20% monthly without transferring funds to 3 persons, trading is carried out on your account of your exchange. You pay the trader money, not he you!

Algorithmic tradingtrend 2021

using bots
  • Algorithmic trading trend of 2021, without algorithms the market is not predictable
  • High security of trading and profitability, up to 20% per month
  • You do not transfer your money to third parties, it is stored on your exchange and you pay me a salary

Work only with
top assets


A package offer for VIP clients, which provides you with a more comfortable cooperation
On-Line report
Amount from
10 000 $
Individual reports
Example invest_bot_pro
with investor
work through
without access
to your money
Payment for the trader's work after making a profit

Yield graphgraph

The total profitability is measured in USD, and is displayed for the last 180 calendar days, to display detailed information, use the profitability filter by dates, for an earlier period of time

Follow the transactions in the telegram channeltelegram

Every day we publish trade reports and make some market forecasts, On-line you can track the information in our telegram channel

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